Q: Why should I consider additional coverage?

A: Unexpected automotive repairs can get expensive quickly. An investment in a Lincoln Protect Continued Service Plan today can result in cost savings down the road.


Q: Why can't I just do most of the repairs myself?

A: You can, but those costs will be out of pocket. Also, Lincoln recommends your vehicle receive repairs at an authorized Ford or Lincoln dealer.


Q: How does Lincoln Protect CSP help with repalrs?

A: Your plan covers the cost of repairs, parts and labor, based on your plan level, It gives you the best care and saves you out-of-pocket expenses.


Q: Is labor covered too?

A: Yes. Your plan covers the cost labor for all covered components included in your plan.

Q: Are pre-existing conditions covered?

A: Lincoln Protect CSP excludes repairs that are required due to a condition that existed prior to coverage,


Q: Is my coverage transferable?

A: Yes. Your plan is transferable, which may increase the resale value of your vehicle. A transfer fee may apply.


Q: Can I cancel anytime?

A: Yes. You can cancel, without penalty, at any time.


Q: Does Lincoln Protect CSP cover me in Canada?

A: Yes. You're covered all throughout the US and Canada.